Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two words. My mother.

My best friend and I are really close. We hang out a lot lately because for once we will be going to the same school. (which I am extremely excited about!) We are both really close with each other's family like I could go live with them and nothing would be different!  Her sister is four years older than us and she graduated this past year. She is going to her first year of college about 2-3 hours away so I was planning on going with their family to help her move in to the dorm.
I come home from a long day of volleyball, hanging out with friends, and saying goodbye to a friend before she leaves to go out of the country. I had a very up and down day so by the time I got home I really just wanted to go to bed. BUT no. My mother said I could not go help them move her in because I had volleyball practice. Missing one practice will not kill me and we are allowed to miss up to 2 practices per season.

She really has not let me do anything this summer unless it involves volleyball and church. It is VERY annoying. She should start to wonder why I ask my dad if I can do things because he is pretty chill and says yes most of the time. Unlike her. Her excuse for everything is "There will be another time, maybe next time." She has NO idea if there will be another time. Only God knows that!

I seriously think she is starting to go through menopause or something like that. She is like constantly cranky and is only excited to do stuff that makes HER happy, while my father and I must suffer through this horrible time period. I really could use prayers for this situation that it ends quickly and quietly.

Goodnight fellow bloggers! :)

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