Monday, August 1, 2011

I wanna JP!

There are now more depressed ladies in the world today. Those of you that watched the Bachelorette this season know that it was the most amount of drama in a season ever. (Or at least in my opinion.) As you can tell from the title I was and am a JP fan. He was the sweetest and understood all of her feelings and listened to what she said without question. Just what a woman wants in a guy right? Maybe, that's just me.. I'm only 14 so what do I know! I hope all men in this world will go back and watch JP's actions and take notes. Now I can't say that was always the case because I definitely did not watch every episode but with every one I did see, it was filled with sincere gestures from the extremely gorgeous man. I never really liked any of the other guys nor did I care to listen to them because I was so awestruck JP. I always said that if Ashley broke his heart, I would break her face. But now, I can honestly say that I wish the happy couple well and that for once in a TV love show relationship they stay together.

Goodnight fellow bloggers.

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