Sunday, August 28, 2011

You care too much..

about the way you look. There are some embarrassing pictures of you online and you OF COURSE cannot have them on there because "blah blah blah" and "blah blah blah."

GET OVER IT!!! You are caring to much about what other people think and look of you if they see that. It doesn't matter anyways because it happened like 2 years ago. So no, I will not be persuaded to do something that isn't important.

Sorry for the little rampage.. Had to get my anger out somehow.

I wish I could say...

  •  That I'm over you.
I had this HUGE crush on this guy all during junior high and then summer came around and I never saw him so I thought I was over him! Of course at Freshmen Orientation wherever I was he was too! I was with my mom that day so I didn't say hi or even really look at him because then she would ask all these questions like "Do you have a crush on him? Is he your boyfriend?" and more. So when he sent me a message on Facebook saying 'What's up cutie?', my heart melted. I ran to find my laptop and message him back before he got off. I'm always in a good mood whenever we talk to each other!
We talked for about 20 minutes and then I had to go to bed because I had church in the morning. I gave him a perfect situation for him to ask me for my number but he didn't. I'm so confused if he has my number or not. I mean he never asked for it before and he didn't the other night either...
Anyways! I should NOT like him. He has never shown a true interest in me! Well minus all the flirting that goes on! You could say he is my flirting buddy. I wonder if I constantly told myself that I was over him that it would soon happen..
  • that I'm done crying.
I have another guy friend that in 6th grade we were bestfriends. Then came junior high. He had a different girl every two weeks and I was struggling to stay his best friend. I started to give up on staying his best friend and then I realized I couldn't because I really liked him like more than a friend. And now that we have gotten to high school he has dated some of my best friends and sometimes I wonder if he still thinks of me like he once did. You know those people who you just can't stay away from not because of a physical or emotional attraction but because it feels like you should be there for them? I have cried so much over this kid that I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth it to keep the friendship. It kills me to say that but its becoming so true..

Friday, August 12, 2011

"I love you this big."

I think that song is the cutest thing ever! I wish some guy would sing that to me! Scotty is adorable also! I know one thing for sure, that if you don't like country music I can't date you. Sorry. And I certainly do NOT want you to pretend that you like it or try to impress me by talking about it. I will outsmart you. I write country music and listen to it constantly so it's pretty much my life.

Quick little post so I can get to bed! Have a good weekend! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Summer is all about waking up at 11 in the morning or even the next day. For athletes, especially ones at BHS, you are already done with practice by 11. You have probably been up for at least 4 hours. So you pretty much get screwed with summer. And next week starts my first year at the highschool. Lucky me that my sport (volleyball) has practice every morning, starting at 6:30 and 7:30 different days. I have no idea how I am going to be able to get up at 5:30 for most of the week. I can barely get up at 6:50 without taking a nap and thats just for babysitting!
Waking up early isn't the only thing I'm stressing about. I ended 8th grade with best friends that I could always count on and now we barely talk.. They say to find the "good in goodbye" but I still haven't found it. I mean I became closer with friends that I never thought would become my new friends to rely on. Going into a school with over 1,000 freshmen is intimitating enough but seeing those "strangers" that you used to be so close to and lost touch over the summer is even scarier. Especially knowing that they moved on and made new friends while you waited for the friendship to fix itself. Sometimes I wonder "Am I not cool enough for them anymore?" "Am I the one who should have tried harder to save our friendship?" Is it all my fault?

I used to be able to trust everyone I met. I would tell them my secrets and believe that they would keep it. People are so manipulating nowadays though. I think I'm starting to have trust issues with everyone. I struggle everyday with trying to trust and rely on God to make everything okay. As of now, he seems to be the only person I can trust.

Oh I guess keeping up my grades and not looking like a complete idiot in front of everybody is also a stressful topic. I don't want to trip in front of my crush or even the cute boys! I also don't want to seem like I lost all knowledge I had over summer break even though it was barely over 60 days.

So many things could go wrong. And I wish I could say I have it all figured out for when it does happen but then I would be lying.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two words. My mother.

My best friend and I are really close. We hang out a lot lately because for once we will be going to the same school. (which I am extremely excited about!) We are both really close with each other's family like I could go live with them and nothing would be different!  Her sister is four years older than us and she graduated this past year. She is going to her first year of college about 2-3 hours away so I was planning on going with their family to help her move in to the dorm.
I come home from a long day of volleyball, hanging out with friends, and saying goodbye to a friend before she leaves to go out of the country. I had a very up and down day so by the time I got home I really just wanted to go to bed. BUT no. My mother said I could not go help them move her in because I had volleyball practice. Missing one practice will not kill me and we are allowed to miss up to 2 practices per season.

She really has not let me do anything this summer unless it involves volleyball and church. It is VERY annoying. She should start to wonder why I ask my dad if I can do things because he is pretty chill and says yes most of the time. Unlike her. Her excuse for everything is "There will be another time, maybe next time." She has NO idea if there will be another time. Only God knows that!

I seriously think she is starting to go through menopause or something like that. She is like constantly cranky and is only excited to do stuff that makes HER happy, while my father and I must suffer through this horrible time period. I really could use prayers for this situation that it ends quickly and quietly.

Goodnight fellow bloggers! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Coward.

"What Should I Say?"
The most commonly used words among friends. With new and old boys, friendship problems, and fights with others, sometimes you just don't know what to say. I've been there, heck I am there! I rely on my friend's insight for pretty much everything. I never know the right words to say at the right time. Unless I take days to think about it.

Before you talk to somebody about an important topic, do you go over how the conversation will go? I do. And when it doesn't go the way I planned it to go I freak. Then I am texting my best friends trying to get a good answer to come out of all the replies. I hate that I depend on my friends and that half of the words that come out over text are not mine. I guess I just get too scared to say what I'm really feeling. A little coward is what I am.

Sometimes I wish life came with a manual to tell me what to say when I need it. Luckily, there is a book called the bible. And it tells me to depend on Christ, trust him, and he will make it the way it should be. So, I've decided to let God take control of these situations and the rest of my life. I don't know what to do, so I'm looking to you Lord. That is my prayer right now and forever.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I wanna JP!

There are now more depressed ladies in the world today. Those of you that watched the Bachelorette this season know that it was the most amount of drama in a season ever. (Or at least in my opinion.) As you can tell from the title I was and am a JP fan. He was the sweetest and understood all of her feelings and listened to what she said without question. Just what a woman wants in a guy right? Maybe, that's just me.. I'm only 14 so what do I know! I hope all men in this world will go back and watch JP's actions and take notes. Now I can't say that was always the case because I definitely did not watch every episode but with every one I did see, it was filled with sincere gestures from the extremely gorgeous man. I never really liked any of the other guys nor did I care to listen to them because I was so awestruck JP. I always said that if Ashley broke his heart, I would break her face. But now, I can honestly say that I wish the happy couple well and that for once in a TV love show relationship they stay together.

Goodnight fellow bloggers.