Sunday, August 28, 2011

I wish I could say...

  •  That I'm over you.
I had this HUGE crush on this guy all during junior high and then summer came around and I never saw him so I thought I was over him! Of course at Freshmen Orientation wherever I was he was too! I was with my mom that day so I didn't say hi or even really look at him because then she would ask all these questions like "Do you have a crush on him? Is he your boyfriend?" and more. So when he sent me a message on Facebook saying 'What's up cutie?', my heart melted. I ran to find my laptop and message him back before he got off. I'm always in a good mood whenever we talk to each other!
We talked for about 20 minutes and then I had to go to bed because I had church in the morning. I gave him a perfect situation for him to ask me for my number but he didn't. I'm so confused if he has my number or not. I mean he never asked for it before and he didn't the other night either...
Anyways! I should NOT like him. He has never shown a true interest in me! Well minus all the flirting that goes on! You could say he is my flirting buddy. I wonder if I constantly told myself that I was over him that it would soon happen..
  • that I'm done crying.
I have another guy friend that in 6th grade we were bestfriends. Then came junior high. He had a different girl every two weeks and I was struggling to stay his best friend. I started to give up on staying his best friend and then I realized I couldn't because I really liked him like more than a friend. And now that we have gotten to high school he has dated some of my best friends and sometimes I wonder if he still thinks of me like he once did. You know those people who you just can't stay away from not because of a physical or emotional attraction but because it feels like you should be there for them? I have cried so much over this kid that I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth it to keep the friendship. It kills me to say that but its becoming so true..

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