Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Me. New Year. New Blog

This year in school I am a sophomore. I now have a mind set of what high school is like, how those friends you have could no longer be there for you when you need them, and how everyone is changing (or rearranging if you'd like to call it).

This year-
  • I have a new dog named Rollo. He looks a little like Zeus but in his own way.
  • I am not playing volleyball for school.. I'm still debating about doing club ball.
  • I will be able to drive in less than 3 months!!! I'm so excited! I will be so free!
  • I am going to have to get a new job. Babysitting kind of regularly is no longer in the cards with Audra becoming a stay at home mom again.
  • I am taking multiple AP classes this school year which means more homework for me... yay!
Well last year I went into the school year losing a couple friends from junior high and what da ya know? I lost more this year too. All beacuse of a stupid bet.

                       Gosh, sometimes I think I am a complete idiot.


  1. What a cute blog! So excited I found it!!

  2. In high school, you really learn who your best friends are. Senior year, I weeded out some of my not good friends, which was upsetting, but I'm so glad it happened, because I'm still close with my other best friends after graduating over 2 years ago!